STA SPEX/Tanglin Academy U9 Red Competition I 2022
25 Mar - 03 Apr 2022


Official Time of Matches This Tournament will only be conducted over the weekends. General Schedule as follows:
Friday: 4pm - 10pm
Weekends: 8.00am - 10.00pm

Tanglin Academy 

Tournament Referee Mr Stanley Cheong
Entry Fee

[SINGLES]   Non-STA Trainee @ $50.00   /   STA Trainee @ $40.00

Entry & Withdrawal Deadline Thursday, 17 March 2022
Official Ball Stage 3 RED


Age Group Eligibility
9-Under Born in 2013 or later


Rules & Regulations
Last updated 23 December 2021
  1. The STA Tournament Supervisor / Referee shall act as final on-site authority for the interpretation of the applicable STA Tournament Rules & Regulations, ITF Code of Conduct and Rules of Tennis as to all matters arising that require immediate resolution at the tournament venue. If a parent abuses the Official it will result in his/her child being suspended from future STA tournaments.
  2. The minimum number of entries shall be 5. If not enough entries are received, the event shall be cancelled and the entries may be drawn into the next older age group. In the event that happens, participants will be upgraded to the older age group unless otherwise stated in writing, which will be taken as withdrawal and refund will be made.
  3. The match and draw schedule will not be mailed. It will be uploaded on our STA website: It is the players’ responsibility to check their schedule of play 1 day before the start of tournament and turn up accordingly, otherwise they will be defaulted according to Rule No. 19. The referee reserves the right to make changes to the schedule. Change of schedule will not be made at the request of players. The Tournament Referee shall communicate with players only, not with coaches or parents.
  4. Players who have played in any unsanctioned tournament will not be allowed to play in this tournament.
  5. All events shall be played on a Round-Robin system.
  6. Match courts are STRICTLY for PLAYERS ONLY. Warm-up courts will not be provided.
    1. Red Ball: 9-Under
    2. Orange Ball: 9-Under
    3. All matches will be played on a timed-based format of 6 Mins per match
           - Players with the highest points after 10 Mins will win the match
           - If score are tied after the 6 Mins, players will play another point to determine the winner
           - Each Player will serve twice and at 6 points, players will change ends
    4. Winner will get a point for winner a match
           - The format of play may be changed at the referee's discretion
    5. Power Cards – Players can earned Power Card to enhance
  7. At this tournament, matches will be played without a Chair Umpire. Players must keep their own score. If a player feels that the opponent’s line calls are inaccurate, the player should inform the referee IMMEDIATELY. Dispute of any nature regarding a match should be brought to the referee’s attention immediately. Protests will not be entertained after a match is completed.
  8. The condition of the courts and lightings are provided by the Singapore Sports Council. As such, players must play in any court assigned by the referee. Requests by players for additional lightings or specific court will not be accommodated.
  9. Warm-up: Strictly 3 minutes only.
  10. Match courts are STRICTLY for PLAYERS ONLY. Warm-up courts will not be provided.
  11. Administrative Error:
    1. In the event any player is left out of a tournament, the lowest ranked player with a ‘bye’ will have his/her ‘bye’ replaced with the left-out player. If the player who was left out would have been seeded, the error in seeding may be corrected by switching the positions of the affected players. The seeding positions will remain.
    2. If a player is defaulted for not showing up for a match because of an administrative error, the Referee can reinstate the match and players must play the reinstated match as scheduled by the Referee.
  12. As part of an educational programme for players, the referee shall advise players to comply with the ITF Dress Code which disallows casual round neck T-shirts (i.e. T-shirts with logos measuring more than 4 square inches [26 square centimetres]), bermudas, jogging shorts and jogging shoes. Shoes with marking soles are also not allowed. Players who do not comply will not be allowed on court to play.
  13. Players must sign in at the tournament desk and be ready to play at their scheduled time. Players will be defaulted if they are not ready to play 15 minutes within their scheduled time, only if a court is available and weather permits. No appeal will be accepted.
  14. In the event of rain, the referee shall make an announcement informing all players to dry their courts when the rain stops. Should any player fail to report 15 minutes after the announcement is made, the player will be defaulted (i.e. concedes a walk-over). No appeal will be accepted.
  15. Competitors play at their own risk. The STA and Singapore Sports Council are not responsible for any injury, loss or other mishaps during the tournament.
  16. Official Ball
    1. U9: Stage 3 Red Ball
    2. U9: Stage 2 Orange Ball 
  17. NO on-site alternate sign-in will be accepted.
  18. Entry fees will only be refunded if withdrawals are made in player's profile page before the entry deadline. For tournaments starting from 1st September 2021 onwards, players who withdraw from the tournament will incur an admin fee of $2.00 (Inclusive of GST)
  19. Medical Time-Out: No qualified medical personnel will be available. The referee shall allow the player to be treated by any person selected by him/her. Injury time-out is 3 minutes only.
  20. All Players will be given a Certificate of Participation for the Tournament
         - Winner of the Group will be awarded a Certificate of Gold Merit
         - Runner-up of the Group will be awarded a Certificate of Silver Merit
         - The rest of the players will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.
  21. Promotion
    - Players will be given a Participation Card – Once they have completed their card, they would be eligible to participate in the next stage.
  22. Stamps
         - For each tournament they participate, they will be given a Stamp
         - For Players that have been awarded a Distinction Certificate – Extra 2 Stamps
         - For Players That have been awarded a Merit Certificate – Extra 1 Stamp
  23. Players who default matches shall be subjected to suspension at the next age group event unless medical or other valid reasons with documentary proof is submitted.
  24. No outside coaching is allowed. Communication of any kind, audible or visible between player and a coach or concerned party shall be construed as coaching. The referee has the discretion to ask any member of the public to move away from the courts. If coaching continues despite being advised by the referee to stop, the player will be defaulted.
  25. Any discrepancy on the entry form, i.e. name, age, events etc. shall cause the entry to be rejected. No appeal will be entertained.
  26. Player allows his or her image and trademarks to be published by all media partners of Singapore Tennis Association in their content.
  27. Social Media Policy
    1. This Policy applies to inappropiate conduct and behaviour towards any person including STA staff, players officials or members of STA through social medial platforms.
    2. When using social media, individuals must not:
      • Make post that are abusive or harras or threaten any other person including STA staff, players, officials or members of STA.
      • Abuse or expose others to content that is offesive, inappropriate, obscene, insulting, provocative or hateful inclduing in relation to STA staff, players, officials or members of STA.
    3. Consequences of a breach of this policy or suspected breach of this policy:
      • Make a necessary public comment such as correction, clarification; contradiction or apology in regards to the breach.
      • Issue a formal warning to the individual responsible for the breach.
      • Report any breach of any law to local authority or wronged party.
      • Take any disciplinary action that begins from imposing a one (1) year playing ban on the individual.
    4. STA may also request those who are bound by the policy to remove post from their personal social media pages.
    5. Individuals who communicate their opinions and any other materials on social media do so at their own risk. And individual may be held personally liable for any commentary and / or material which may be defamatory, obscene or proprietary.
  28. Any player who violates the Rules and Regulations above shall be defaulted immediately, immaterial of which rounds he/she has reached.



All Players are to note the following Safety Management Measures:

1) Updates will be given as and when possible through the Whatsapp Chatgroup
2) Please do not msg the Technical Officiating Team directly

3) When advised, pls check the STA website for updates
4) If there are no updates, pls follow your scheduled match
5) Please adhere to all Covid Measures which includes the proper wearing of mask and observing social distancing
6) Players are advised to report 15 minutes before their match schedule at the venue.
7) Players are to do their safe-entry registration via their token or the TraceTogether App on their phone at the entrance of the venue. [Players with a temperature of 38 degree Celsius will not be allowed to enter by the Venue Operator]
8) All accompanying Parents/Guardians or supporters are to leave the venue immediately (PLEASE DO NOT WAIT OR WATCH MATCHES AROUND THE VENUE’S VICINITY)
9) After registration at the entrance, players are to proceed to the tournament desk to sign-in.
10) Players are to proceed to the holding area to wait for their match to be called. (please adhere to all safe-distancing protocols and to wear their masks at all time)
11) Once their match has ended, players are to report their scores and return the match balls and to leave the venue immediately.


12) NO Spectators are allowed in the venue (FOP) and the immediate surrounding area outside of the venue.
All players are to advise their supporters of the NO SPECTATORS policy and we seek your cooperation on the matter.
It is the players’ responsibility to ensure that there are NO SPECTATORS during their matches.  They are to immediately approach the Tournament Officials if they have any issues.
13) If needed, the Referee will issue a Suspension of Matches until the SMM can be properly managed.
14) There is strictly no waiting or loitering outside the venue and the immediate surrounding area.
15) Only players are allowed at the holding area.
16) Any supporting people (including immediate family members) or players caught violating the above measures may potentially be defaulted by the Referee
15) Prizes will be awarded in accordance with the Tournament rules, there will not be any centralised prize presentation to prevent crowding.

Thanks and have a great day ahead.


The Refereeing Team

Players who withdraw from the tournament will incur an admin fee of $2.00 (inclusive of GST)



Click HERE to view the Draw & Schedule

Please see updated schedule updated as of 24 March 2022, 1830 hours



If cannot see the schedule PDF, please download from here.


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