About STA
  Members of the Management Committee
  Mr Edwin Lee Advisor
  Mr Nicholas Lim Han Kong President
  Mr Sher Baljit Singh 1st Vice-President
  Mr Clement Leow Wee Kia 2nd Vice-President
  Mr Abas Bin Abdul Mutalib 3rd Vice-President
  Mr Tan Sin Lee Honorary Treasurer
  Mr Foo Tian Peng Honorary Secretary
  Ms Jasmine Quek Assistant Honorary Secretary
  Mr Hideyuki Ueno Committee Member
  Ms Goh Swee Fong Alice (Young) Committee Member
  Mr Shan Andes Ocidnes Committee Member
  Ms Lillian Lum Committee Member
  Ms Diana Nicole Cholet Committee Member
  Mr Ivan Chua Kim Boon Committee Member
  Ms Elaine Koay Yi Ling Committee Member

  The Secretariat

Mr Wilson Tay

Deputy General Manager
  Ms Susanna Kang Senior Accounts Officer
  Ms Susan Yeoh Assistant Accounts Officer
  Ms Maria Chua Administrative Officer
  Mr Wallace Tan Customer Service and Administrative Officer







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