Player Endorsement Policy

For International Tennis Federation (ITF) & Asian Tennis Federation (ATF) & ANY OTHER INTERNATIONAL OR LOCAL Tournaments 

The Singapore Tennis Association (STA) is pleased to endorse players (Singapore Citizens) who wish to participate in ITF/ATF/ any other tournaments, both overseas and local. Players should take note of the following:

  1. Players must be in good standing of the STA.
  2. The ITF Junior Age Eligibility Rules states that players may not participate in any ITF Junior Tournament unless they have reached their thirteen (13) birthday before the start of the main draw of the tournament.
  3. As the ITF/ATF rule requires a player to submit and/or withdraw his/her entry for an ITF/ATF tournament by a stipulated deadline, all entry and withdrawal requests MUST BE MADE IN WRITING to the STA office (E-mail: / Fax: 6295 1577) at least 3 (THREE) working days before the official entry and withdrawal deadline respectively. Once entry deadline is over, STA will not assist any player to submit the entry as this will reflect badly on Singapore.
  4. Under ITF Junior Circuit Tournament Regulations, main draw players may withdraw from a Circuit tournament fourteen (14) days before the start of the tournament's main draw without incurring any penalty. Qualifying players may withdraw without penalty up until qualifying sign-in, providing that the tournament director is informed. Late withdrawals will be penalized in accordance with the ITF Junior Code of Conduct.
  5. Please send request for fact sheet, entry form and acceptance list, to . Upon receiving the request, STA will then send an e-mail to the hosting national tennis association for a copy of the relevant information. At the same time, STA will also carbon-copy/forward players the e-mail so that they are able to follow-up on the matter should the fact sheet, entry form and/or acceptance list be e-mailed to STA late or not at all. The fact sheet, entry form and/or acceptance list will also be forwarded to players accordingly once received by the STA.
  6. Players are expected to make their own necessary travel and accommodation booking arrangements, bearing full expenses. It is also the players’ responsibility to check their tournament acceptance list.
  7. Players should note that for individual ITF/ATF tournaments where the STA is not sending an official team, no official coach will be sent by the STA.
  8. Players are reminded to conduct themselves in their best sportsman-like behaviour at all times during the tournament.
  9. Any player who fails to comply with the above will not be endorsed by the STA for future tournaments.

The committee reserves the right to make changes to the above policy anytime it deems fit.

Last updated 31 December 2018



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