two main CRITERIA TO apply for wildcard

1) Wildcard application is only open to Singapore Citizens Only.

2) Players must register in the ITF competition before applying for Wildcards.

wildcard Application 

1) Complete and submit the online application form. (Link will be provided when application open 1 ½ weeks prior to the start of the tournament. Should there be back to back tournaments, 1 application will cover both tournaments. Closing on Wednesday at 12 noon)

2) Supporting information/documents are to be verified and endorsed by your primary coach.

  • Training and Tournament Plan (Periodisation - Macrocycle, Mesocycle, Microcycle)
  • Training Report (OKR, KPI, Goal Setting, Key Results, Coach’s Comments, Coach’s Recommendations etc)
  • Training Attendance (attendance summary for the last 6 months)

Kindly submit supporting documents to ashlina.ali@singtennis.org.sgwallacetan@singtennis.org.sg
Incomplete application and missing information/documents will be rejected and no appeal will be accepted. 

Wildcard application will be open 1 ½ weeks before the qualifying sign-in date. (Closing on Wednesday at 12 noon.)

selection methodology (sm)


  • Singapore Tennis Association (STA) and SportSG has put together a Selection Methodology (SM) to be utilised for selections and resource allocation (e.g. Wild Cards).
  • Noting on the importance of Daily Training Environment (DTE) and Competition Environment (CE), these two key environments are taken into consideration and has been infused into SM which is in line with the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and National Tennis Pathway (NTP).
  • For all applications, players are required to submit an application form along with all necessary supporting documents. While doing so, the applicant will have to make sure that the form is complete and undertake that all details and information provided are true and accurate.
  • Should there be any falsehood in the information provided, the case will be put up to the Joint Management Committee for decision on disciplinary actions to be taken.
  • Points are awarded based on the following 4 categories.
    • Rankings (Max 35 points)
    • DTE (Max 10 points - primary coach must NROC registered to be eligible)
    • CE (Max 35 points)
    • ITF World Tennis Number (Max 20 points)

Eligibility criteria

  • Only Singapore Citizen are eligible
  • Player must be in good standing with SportSG & Singapore Tennis Association


  • Daily Training Environment (DTE) - Max 10 points (*To qualify for DTE points, primary coach must be NROC registered)
    • Training volume (training hours on & off court).
    • If an applicant does not meet the requirement for training volume, points will be awarded for the hours they meet.|
    • For example, an applicant needs to meet a training volume of 20h per week for their age group, the applicant is currently training 10h per week, the applicant will be awarded 5 points (50%) of the required training volume.
  • Competition Environment (CE) - Max 35 points
    • International and National tournaments played in the last 12 months from the Monday prior to the first day of main draw commencement.
    • For example, an applicant needs to meet a tournament requirement of 20 tournaments/year, but currently attaining 10 tournaments/year, the applicant will be awarded 17.5 points (50%) of the required number of tournaments.
  • ​Rankings - Max 35 points
    • The rankings used for evaluation will be based on both local and international standings as of the week when the application is submitted.
  • ITF World Tennis Number - Max 20 Points
    • World Tennis Number verified with a blue tick

DTE & CE Guidelines based on LTAD

The committee reserves the right to make changes to the above policy anytime it deems fit.

Last updated 4 August 2023




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