Tournament Sanction Policy
  1. Any tournament not organized by the STA and open to the public needs to be sanctioned. Application for sanction should be submitted to the STA 2 months before the event.
  2. A token sanction fee of either SGD$1,500.00 or 10% of the total prize money, whichever is greater, will be collected.

    In return for the sanction fee, STA will:-

    a) provide a qualified supervisor to conduct the draw, prepare the match schedule and provide guidance where technical issues like rules of tennis are concerned;

    b) include the sanctioned tournament in the STA calendar (both online and printed copies).
  3. A company seeking sanction must submit detailed information on the company's background and experiences.
  4. Sanction Fee will be waived for an STA affiliated club that host any of STA's adult tournament on the STA tournament calendar.


Please Note
Players found participating in non-sanctioned tournaments will be suspended from entering STA organized or sanctioned tournaments, nor be selected to represent Singapore in any international tournament.




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