NCAP Accreditation policy

NROC Membership

Coaches who attained the following certification are welcomed to apply for National Registry Of Coaches (NROC) membership. For more information, please visit NROC Official Website.

Certification Accreditation Level
STA SSC Level 1 & 2 NCAP Level 1
ITF Level 1 NCAP Level 1
USPTA Pro 3 & 2 NCAP Level 1
PTR Pro NCAP Level 1
TCA (Australia) Development NCAP Level 1
Lawn Tennis Association (England) NCAP Level 1
Certificate in Coaching (Basic) Module II NCAP Level 1
ITF Level 2 NCAP Level 2
USPTA Pro 1 NCAP Level 2
PTR Master Pro NCAP Level 2
TCA (Australia) Advanced NCAP Level 2
ITF Level 3 NCAP Level 3
USPTA Master Pro NCAP Level 3
USPTR International Master Pro NCAP Level 3

Holders of the PTR Instructor certificate* will have to go through the STA/SSC NCAP Practical Coaching Test in order to attain accreditation for registration for NROC. The Practical Coaching Test contains 2 components: 

1) The Individual Coaching Lesson Test
2) The Group Coaching Lesson Test

* NCAP Technical Accreditation
STA will stop granting technical accreditation to non-NCAP Level 1 coaching certificates attained in Singapore or overseas after 1 July 2004. This is to encourage more incumbent tennis coaches to attend the SSC/STA NCAP Level 1 Technical course which is based on ITF Level 1 syllabus.
However, in consideration of candidates who have been residing overseas for at least a period of 1 year, STA is willing to consider granting technical accreditation on a case by case basis. 
The accreditation for certificates attained before 1 July 2004 still applies.







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