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STA SPEX 3rd Junior Age Group 2021


All players

Please click here for the latest updates.

Please ensure that you have downloaded the schedule "26 Nov 2021 UPDATED AS AT 1220HRS"



1) It is only for Unvaccinated Players playing 2 matches on the same day.
2) As the validity of the NEGATIVE ART result will expire in 24 hours. Please ensure that the validity of the NEGATIVE ART result enables them to play their 2nd match on the same day.

Please check the ART SUPERVISORY TEST ANNOUNCEMEN for more information.

STA SPEX 3rd Junior Age Group 2021 - ART SUPERVISORY TEST

Dear Players,

Please take note of the 2nd circular regarding the unvaccinated players who have 2 matches on the same day.


Doubles have been approved will only start from 23 November 2021.


Please note on the revision of the ART Supervisory Test session upon feedback from first 2 session earlier on 19 November 2021. The ART TEST is only applicable to the following:

1) It is only for Unvaccinated Players playing 2 matches on the same day.
2) As the validity of the NEGATIVE ART result will expire in 24 hours. Please ensure that the validity of the NEGATIVE ART result enables them to play their 2nd match on the same day.

Day Time Zoom Link
Monday - Sunday 12.00pm – 12.30pm
Monday - Sunday 6.30pm – 7.30pm

For players who does not have HealthHub App. Please take a picture of his/her ART results together with the details below on a piece of paper:

• Full Name:
• Date of ART Test:
• Time of ART Test:
• 2nd Match Number (On the same day):

Please present the image of the ART results together with the players' details mentioned above to the tournament referee, on site before playing his/her match.

In event if the above timing does not suit you, you must get your test done from the list of MOH-approved COVID-19 test providers.

Please Click here:

1) Unvaccinated players who did not submit NEGATIVE ART results or submitted expired NEGATIVE ART results will not be allowed to compete in the competition.

2) Players who had completed the ART test shall present the NEGATIVE ART result via the HealthHub App to the Tournament Referee.

3) If HealthHub App is not available, please present the image of the ART results together with the players' details mentioned above to the tournament referee, on site.

4) Please note that all self-administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART) must be performed under supervision by MOH-approved COVID-19 test providers or an STA Staff. Any unsupervised self-administered ART will not be accepted.

5) It is the onus of the player to check their scheduled matches and to submit the NEGATIVE ART results.

Thank you.

STA SPEX 3rd Junior Age Group 2021 - LATEST SMM

Please note the following when joining the group (Link has been sent via email):

1) Updates will be given as and when possible through the Whatsapp Chatgroup
2) Please do not message the Technical Officiating Team directly

3) When advised, pls check the STA website for updates
4) If there are no updates, pls follow your scheduled match
5) Please adhere to all Covid Measures which includes the proper wearing of mask and observing social distancing
6) Players are advised to report 15 minutes before their match schedule at the venue.
7) Players are to do their safe-entry registration via their token or the TraceTogether App on their phone at the entrance of the venue.
8) All accompanying Parents/Guardians or supporters are to leave the venue immediately.
9) After registration at the entrance, players are to proceed to the tournament desk to do their sign-in.
10) Players are to proceed to the holding area to wait for their match to be called. (please adhere to all safe-distancing protocols and to wear their masks at all time)
11) Once their match has ended, players are to report their scores and return the match balls and to leave the venue immediately. (NO SHOWERING IS ALLOWED)


12) NO Spectators are allowed in the venue (FOP).
All players are to advise their supporters of the NO SPECTATORS policy and we seek your cooperation on the matter.
13) If needed, the Referee will issue a Suspension of Matches until the SMM can be properly managed.
14) Only players are allowed at the holding area.
15) Any supporting people (including immediate family members) or players caught violating the above measures will be potentially defaulted by the Referee
16) Prizes will be awarded in accordance with the Tournament rules, there will not be any centralised prize presentation to prevent crowding.


We are pleased to inform that ITF World Tennis Number is live in Singapore. STA members will have their ITF World Tennis Number available in the members profile as well as next to their National Ranking. For more information, please click here.

Thanks and have a great day ahead.


The Refereeing Team

[TENDER] STA System Requirement Specification

Singapore Tennis Association (STA) invites tenderers for the following:

  • STA System Requirements Specification

Tender Document: Available from 16 of November 2021, please click here to download the Tender Document.

Declaration of Interest: Please email to before 12.00pm, 23 November 2021.

Mandatory Briefing: A mandatory briefing will be conducted for all interested tenderers from 29 November 2021 - 3 December 2021 via zoom.

Tender Closing Date & Time: Tender Document in sealed envelope must be submitted to the STA at the following address before 12.00pm, 20 December 2021.

100 Tyrwhitt Road, #04-02
Jalan Besar Swimming Complex,
Singapore 207542

Alternative, documents can be emailed to also by 12.00pm 20 December 2021.

STA Intermediate Singles IV 2021

Updated 11 November 2021 2130HRS

All matches for today have been postponed due to inclement weather.

Please click here for the updated schedule.

Thank You

STA Open Singles V 2021


Dear Players

Due to the suspension of matches from the STA Intermediate Singles IV 2021.

We have to update the match schedule for the STA Open V 2021.

Please click here for the updated schedule.



2022 WJT Boys & Girls, JDC and JBJKC Selection Trials - Results

The following Selection Trials will take place from 6 to 18 November 2021.

  • ITF World Junior Team (WJT) Boys
  • ITF World Junior Team (WJT) Girls
  • Junior Davis Cup (JDC)
  • Junior Billie Jean King Cup (JBJKC)

Scores of completed matches wll be updated upon completion and is accessible by the link provided below.

Please click HERE for results.

Increase in Tournament Entry Fees

Dear Fraternity Members, Players, and Parents,

I hope all of you are well.

You may be aware that despite all the Covid19 restrictions, STA continued to organise the tournaments under challenging circumstance for our playing community.

STA is also constantly looking for ways to improve our services for our participants through technology which obviously comes with costs.

With the current market situation and rising business costs related to goods, services, labour, and third party transaction fees, it has come to a point that STA cannot afford to continue to absorb these costs any longer. The last fee adjustment was in year 2000.

Whilst STA continue to make improvements to bring the best possible experience to all players, we seek your understanding for a fee adjustment with effect from 1 November 2021.

Revised fees effective November 2021 are as follows:

Players who withdraw from the tournament will incur an admin fee of $2.00 (inclusive of GST)

We trust you will continue to enjoy yourselves playing in our tournaments and we thank you for your continued support.

Please click here to register for STA SPEX 3rd Junior Age Group 2021 competition



The Singapore Tennis Association (“STA”) is committed to providing a safe, diverse, and equitable environment to all members of the tennis community in Singapore. This ensures that everyone, at all levels of the sport, continues to have a positive experience in tennis. This Statement sets out the STA’s standards and expectations of everyone involved in its activities.

The STA does not condone and takes a zero tolerance approach to any form of violence, aggression, abuse, misconduct, harassment (occurring in combination or isolation) including (without limitation) the following, whether deliberate, unintentional, unsolicited or coercive:
• Sexual misconduct (e.g. sexual communication, harassment)
• Psychological and physical misconduct (e.g. bullying, hazing)
• Other inappropriate conduct (e.g. wilful tolerance, grooming)
• Misconduct relating to the Safe Sport Unified Code (e.g. false reporting, retaliation, abuse of process)
• Unwanted, unwelcome or offensive conduct of any nature relating to age, gender, sexual orientation, status, race, colour, ethnicity, disability, attributes, religion or athletic ability
• Verbal abuse
• Physical abuse
• Negative or malicious comments
• Offensive gestures
• Intimidation
• Discrimination
• Stalking
• Retaliation

Our zero tolerance stance applies to the STA and all in the tennis community (each, a “Participant”), including without limitation administrators, employees, coaches, officials, volunteers, athletes, trainees and/or their parents, and is irrespective of whether such inappropriate behaviour occurs in the sporting environment (e.g. training) or outside the sporting environment (and online) between participants in sport.

Our approach is consistent with Sport SG’s Safe Sport Programme to tackle misconduct in the athletic environment. Click here to find out more about Safe Sport. In addition, aspects of behaviour identified above are addressed in legislation including the Penal Code, Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act and soon-to-be enacted Maintenance of Racial Harmony Act.

Each Participant has the responsibility to be familiar with this Statement and, by virtue of being a Participant, has expressly agreed to and be bound by this Statement, including its applicable policies and procedures. In the event that the STA determines in its sole discretion that any Participant has breached this Statement, the STA shall take disciplinary action against the Participant as it deems appropriate (including without limitation employment termination, expulsion from the STA program, warning, reprimand, public apology, imposing a financial penalty or a combination of one or more measures). The STA’s decision will be final and binding on the Participant. 

This Statement may be revised or supplemented by the STA as necessary. Each Participant is required to apprise himself/herself of the latest version.

[Covid-19 Updated Advisory - Circular 9] Tennis Fraternity

Dear Members,

Following on the government advisory updated on 7 October 2021. Please see the adjusted measures accordingly in this latest advisory.

Following the announcement, Sport Singapore is providing guidance regarding the SMMs concerning all sports and physical exercises & activities, and public & private sports & recreational facilities in Singapore for the period of 27 September to 24 October 2021. (Please click here)

Thank you.

Selection Trial for 2022 World Junior & Junior Billie Jean King Cup / Junior Davis Cup

Dear All,

Selection Trials for the following tournaments will be conducted soon.

  • 2022 World Juniors Team Tennis GIRLS
  • 2022 World Junior Team Tennis BOYS
  • 2022 Junior Billie Jean King Cup (Previousy known as Junior Fed Cup)
  • 2022 Junior Davis Cup

Details of the trials can be found below:

  • Date: 6 - 18 November 2021 (T.B.C)
  • Venue: Kallang Tennis Centre (T.B.C)
  • Time: 8am (T.B.C)

Eligibility Criteria:

World Junior Competition (Boys & Girls)
- Players must be born between years 2008 - 2011 and must have reached their 11th birthday on or before the competition start date (Competition dates will be advised in due course)

Junior Davis Cup / Junior Billie Jean King Cup
- Players must be born between years 2006 - 2009 and must have reached their 13th birthday on or before the competition start date (Competition dates will be advised in due course)

Any player who meets any of the following criteria will receive an invite in due cause:

Work in Progress

Mr Edwin Lee

To download click here

SEA Games 2021 Selection Policy- Tennis

Dear all for SEA Games 2021 selection policy please click here

ITF World Tennis Number is here..... Play Locally, Compare Globally. #GameOn

To find out more, visit the link below
ITF World Tennis Number

Tennis Specific of the Safe Return to Sports Plan.

Dear All,

Please find the attached advisory from SportSG dated on 17 June 2020 and the STA Tennis Specific can be found in this link below.

There will be 3 safety measures found under the Singapore Tennis Association in the link above.

  1. Plan for Protecting Tennis Community
  2. Plan for Playing Tennis Safely
  3. Plan for Group Coaching

You are required to enter your email address to proceed with the download of Tennis Specific of the Safe Return to Sports Plan.

It is highly encouraged to understand the safety measures before participanting in any tennis activities.

Thank you.

12 FebSTA Advanced Singles & Doubles III 2021 [Postponed]



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