[ Membership Account ]

Q: Is the member account compulsory? 

All players must sign up for an account to participate in STA tournaments and programs. 

Q: My NRIC/Passport No. is already taken, what should I do?

STA has created accounts for players who competed in STA local tournaments (from 2012 onwards). Please click here to request for your account information.

Q: What name should I use to register with STA?

For ITF Ranked Players, you should use your ITF registered name to retain your national ranking.
For STA Ranked Players, you should use the exact same name (e.g. Tan, CY Leon) that is reflected in the STA Ranking. For all other players, you should use the following format:


Actual Name in Identity Card

Example of your name for STA Account

First Name

Chun Yi Leon

CY Leon

C-Y Leon

Chun Yi

Last Name





Q: Can I choose my own username?

You may set your own Username but it cannot be changed. Players who competed in STA local tournaments since 2012 may request for their pre-assigned Username at the Sign Up Page.

Q: Some of my personal information are wrong or have changed but I cannot update at my profile.

Please send us your request to with a scanned copy of your Passport or Identity Card.

Q: I have lost my password and username.

You can retrieve it at the Sign In page. The information and password reset will be sent to your registered email address.

Q: I have registered an account but I did not receive the activation link.

All accounts are subject to approval by STA staff and thus the activation link will only be sent in 1-3 working days. You are advised to register your account at least 1 week before tournament entry deadline to avoid disappointment. STA is not responsible if your tournament entry is late due to pending status of your account. Please contact us if you do not receive the activation link after 3 working days.

Q: Do I need to submit documents for the approval of my account?

First-time participants of STA tournaments are required to send a copy of your identity card or passport to for verification of age and nationality.


[ Tournament Entry ]

Q: Can I still submit entry forms at STA office?

No, all entries have to be submitted online.

Q: Why are some tournaments not open for online registration?

Online registration will be available 1 or 2 months before the closing deadline. Registration for ITF tournaments are strictly via IPIN at ITF website.

Q: How many events can I enter in a tournament?

All players are allowed a maximum of 1 Singles and 1 Doubles event per tournament. For Pesta Sukan Open/Veteran, players are allowed a maximum of 1 Singles, 1 Doubles and 1 Mixed doubles.

Q: Which age group of Junior / Veteran tournament am I eligible to play in?

Please refer to the respective tournament's rule. Your age for tournament entry is based on your birth year. For Junior events, players are eligible to play in his/her own age group or a higher age group. For Veteran events, players are eligible to play in his/her own age group or a lower age group.

Q: I have entered the wrong event, what should I do?

Please email us at with your Registered Name and NRIC/Passport.

Q: How do I withdraw from a tournament?

Withdrawal is done via Member Profile Page. Entry fees will only be refunded if withdrawals are made in player's profile page before the entry deadline. For tournaments starting from 1st January 2023 onwards, players who withdraw from the tournament will incur an admin fee of $2.00 (inclusive of GST) and convenience fee of $3.27 (inclusive of GST).

Q: My Partner already signed up for our Doubles event, do I need to enter again?


Q: My Partner is already registered for the Doubles event, but my name is not in the doubles.

Please check with your partner whether he/she listed you as his/her partner. You are not required to enter for the Doubles Event again if your Partner has entered for you.


[ Payment ]

Q: How do I make payment?

Online Entry - Online payment using paypal / credit card / Debit card only.

Q: How do I request for a receipt?

The "Confirmation of Transaction" page shall serve as a receipt for online payment. 

Q: I have not received the refunds for my Withdrawal.

Please note that refunds are only issued for Withdrawals that are requested before the Entry Deadline. Late Withdrawal is not entitled to any refund. Please contact us at  if you do not receive the refunds within 2 weeks after the Entry Deadline.



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