STA COACHING COURSE (ITF bronze recognition)


STA  Level 1 Technical Coaching Course

The STA Level 1 Technical Coaching Course is based on the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Level 1 Syllabus and the course will allow participants to understand and be able to apply the basic training principles needed to coach players from beginner to intermediate levels.

The course will cover:

  • The Basic Tennis Strokes
  • Introduction to the Level 1 Course
  • The Role of the Coach
  • Singles and Doubles Tactics
  • Feeding: Demonstrations
  • Simple Diagnosis and Correction Techniques
  • Elements of a Typical Lesson / Safety
  • Teaching Formations for Group Lessons / Safety
  • How to Introduce the Basic Strokes to a Group of Beginners
  • Demonstration test (first try)
  • Coaching Children and Young People in Tennis
  • Drills / Practices (Groups)
  • Rules of Tennis
  • How to organize a tournament
  • Individual teaching practice
  • Spin
  • Fitness Training
  • Group Teaching Practice
  • Tennis Drills / Practice with Juniors
  • Written test
  • Individual lesson test
  • Group lesson test
  • Demonstration test



For course schedule, please click here for the information sheet.

  Course Fee

Singaporeans (after subsidy from STA) - SGD$ 803.00
Permanent Residents of Singapore - SGD$ 1,204.00
Non-Singaporeans - SGD$ 1,605.00

Inclusive of a set of 3 manuals to be collected from the STA office prior to the commencement of the course.

  Application Form


You may email us at & or contact us at 6295 2283 if you have further enquiries.



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