We are committed to promoting the continuous development of tennis and its community in Singapore. We are passionate about tennis. We aim to deliver more tennis to our whole tennis community and see the standard of tennis raised for all players. Ultimately, we strive for excellence so that Singapore tennis can compete at the highest international levels.
We appreciate the broader community that makes up tennis in Singapore: players of all ages; their supportive families; the tennis clubs; coaches; sports manufacturers and sponsors, the media and other constituents. We are responsive to all our participants and partners. We aim to be proactive in leading the development of tennis in Singapore so that we can inspire and bring about continuous improvement in our community.
We conduct ourselves and our sport with utmost integrity. We work together as a community built on a foundation of trust and respect for one another. We aim to engender confidence in our sport and its development by promoting a fair and open tennis community.


Date: 15/9/2021


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